About the book

The idea for The Motherhood Collective was borne out of a desire to connect authentically with mothers from around the world and at the same time, to broaden the dialogue around motherhood.

Over the course of 2 years I interviewed several women across different ages and listened as they shared with me tales of their respective motherhood journeys. I found myself so captivated by the depth and diversity of their experiences that I felt compelled to collate their stories into a single book, to be shared with a wider audience. 

When I asked the women if they would be interested in having their story included in my book, their responses were almost universally some variation of, 'Sure, I don't mind, but I don't know why you want to write about me. There's nothing special about my life'.

I disagree entirely. 

There is something extraordinary about the ordinary.  In an era where motherhood is frequently reduced to the highlights reel - a stream of perfectly curated images in social media news feeds - I have found it enormously refreshing to hear stories from women that wouldn't otherwise be discusssed: the stories of everyday mothers that reflect the uncertainty, the fear and the unrelenting responsibility that comes with raising small humans.  The stories that pay tribute to the struggles that go on behind the scenes, while celebrating the universal power of love and devotion. 

The Motherhood Collective is a thoughtfully composed compilation of twelve  individual chapters, which highlights the diversity, as well as the universality, of the motherhood experience.  

Emotional, engaging, and eminently enjoyable, it makes a compelling read for mothers of all ages, as well as anyone interested in the complex tapestry of human existence.